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Semper Opera Ball 2010

Semper  Semperoper in Dresden, Germany, was the setting for the 5th Semper Opera Ball.

This year, La Toya Jackson was the guest of honor and accepted an award to posthumously honor her late brother, Michael. Director of the ball, Hans-Joachim Frey, danced with the Jackson sister and shook it on the dance floor, although probably not to “Beat it” or “Thriller”.

Jose Carreras will also be awarded a prize for artistic achievements.

A prestigious Award.

Semper Opera Ball. Designed by Leicht Jewellery, the jeweller will again, according to traditional, donate the medal for this occasion.

The renowned jeweller, with branches across Germany, was inspired to design the medal based on one of the most beautiful pieces from the world-famous Grünes Gewölbe museum – St. George on horseback. It has been a symbol of the triumph of good against evil since the Middle Ages.

The medal is painstakingly handcrafted in the jeweller’s studio in Pforzheim – known as the “city of gold” – from solid white and yellow gold (75%/18 carat) and contains rubies and diamonds.

The medal of St. George awarded at the Semper Opera Ball was originally the Saxon medal of honour. It represents both an award and a symbol. It is awarded at the Semper Opera Ball to those who have, like St. George, been a force for good in the world, despite all opposition – those who “swim against the current”.

“Adverso Flumine” – the inscription on the precious medal is also the selection criteria for the recipient: Only truly outstanding people can join the ranks of those who have already been awarded the medal at the Semper Opera Ball.

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A matter of Honour: Recipients of the Dresden St. George medal.
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