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SICAB 2010, 20th Anniversary

La Toya Jackson was in Sevilla as the honored guest for the 20th Annivesary celebration of the International Horse Show. Wearing a suit with a dash of inspiring flamengo details, she captured the media and enjoyed her stay in the city.

SICAB is the third most important social-economic event held in the city of Sevilla, with more than 240,000 visitors and a thousand horses. This event is in importance right behind the world-famous Easter Processions and the April Far.

SICAB remains the most important single-theme trade fair show in the world. It is dedicated in full and exclusively to the Purebred Spanish Horses, offering visitors a wide range of examples of the breeds versatility for their enjoyment through the week.

SICABĀ  is the grand final for the Spanish National Championships for PRE Stallions and Mares. To participate in the final, a horse must have qualified at one of the qualifying contests, held throughout the year and at a number of geographical locations in Spain. In other words, SICAB houses the very best horses from an objective point of view; those that have proven their worth as potential winners.

Sevilla: La Toya Falls in Love with the City

Sevilla. ” I like Sevilla because it has many cathedrals.” … La Toya Jackson

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment!

La Toya Jackson ” Let’s make magic together”

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