Life with La Toya

Life with La Toya is an American Reality documentary television series set to debut on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The series chronicles La Toya as she settles into her newest home, expands her business portfolio and dives back into the dating scene in order to create her own family. It features La Toya telling the stories of her past such as her ex-husband and the death of her brother.

A Reality Show Like no other

Life with La Toya. Season 1 – 12 episodes on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Being a member of the iconic Jackson family, La Toya Jackson knows what it’s like to be in the spotlight, but she has always seemed to be overshadowed by her siblings. Now she’s taking center stage in this reality series as she tackles love, her career and possibly even parenthood, all in her own unpredictable way. Looking for a new house, starting new business ventures and jumping into the dating scene are among the events viewers witness La Toya undertake on the show. On board with the singer is an entourage that includes devoted business partner Jeffré, parents Joe and Katherine, two meddlesome matchmakers, a magician, a lovelorn lifeguard and lifelong best friend Kathy Hilton. Yes, that Kathy Hilton. La Toya also opens up about some issues from her past, including an abusive former husband, family feuds and the death of brother Michael.

Season 1
Episode 1: La Toya on Top, Episode 2: A message from Michael:, Episode 3: Size Matters, Episode 4: La Toya’s Gentleman Caller, Episode 5: The Crying Game, Episode 6:Adventures in Babysitting, Episode 7: La Toya Finds the Beat, Episode 8: Family Vacation: Jackson Style, Episode 9: La Toya Jackson, You’re Fired, Episode 10: A Jolly Jackson Christmas, Episode 11: Deleted Scenes: What does a $15,000 Dress Look like
La Toya Jackson as herself: Steven E- Daniels, Kelli L . Dove, Jeffre Phillips, John Arguelles, A.J Draven, Lloyd Klein
Directed by Jeremy Simmons: 11 Episodes.

Life with La Toya

Single, independent and taking over the world, that’s me !

La Toya Jackson

Life with La Toya: American singer, songwriter, actress, business woman and television personality. The fifth child of the first family of music: The Jacksons.

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