Dream Cream

When LaToya Jackson complained to German hand and nail care expert Silvia Troska of Alessandro International that all the creams and lotions she ever tried never seemed to last, Troska immediately bought her dream for a solution and made it come true.

Using the best of technology, a special scent and some pretty packaging, Alessandro’s new limited edition “Dream Cream” made at the request of Jackson, comes in a container topped with 285 Crystallized-Swarovski Elements, has a rich, soft texture, and is designed to endure multiple hand washings.

La Toya has it her way with new luxury Dream cream.

She did better than what I expected because she put diamond dust in it which is even better,” Jackson says of the the final product. “It’s a very luxurious feeling, it’s very satiny.”

The vanilla, sweet almond and patchouli-scented cream is Alessandro’s first luxury cream and contains some of the best quality ingredients including diamond powder, malachite, and shea butter.

Some 1,500 jars of the Dream Cream will be carried at Alessandro salons and counters and is priced at $226 a bottle.

After talking with Jackson, Troska says she’s also looking into opening an Alessandro salon on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

“We were saying in L.A. that they don’t have elegant nail shops. Women pamper themselves in L.A., but there’s not an elegant place to do it in,” said Jackson. Troska agrees the potential is there

Dream Cream
Dream Cream is the world’s most luxurious hand cream. Everything about dream cream says luxury.
Swiss Labs
From the exclusive Swiss laboratory developed ingredients (sprinkled with diamond dust) to the 265 Swarowski Crystal filled jar lid.
Feels like
Dream Cream feels like silk and cashmere, absorbing quickly and has a tempting flavor. “I truely love the diamond gloss Dream Cream gives the skin”.
La Toya Certified
This extraordinary product meets the highest standards demanded by La Toya. Dream Cream feminine and unique. With a hint of fragrance, it nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin without leaving a greasy film.

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