“Forever” Teatro Coliseum – Barcelona

Singer La Toya Jackson, was in Barcelona, Spain and attended  as the guest of honor the show “Forever” at the Teatro Coliseum. The show is considered the best tribute show of Michael Jackson and is produced by Carlos Lopez of Summum Music, with Jeus Sanz as stage director, Guillermo Gonzalez Musical director and Yolanda Torosio as choreographer.

Two days watching the show, La Toya  gave a public conference at the EuroStars Madrid Twoer hotel to express her views of the show and what she experienced.  She was the third person in her family following her father Joseph Jackson and her older Brother Jermaine Jackson, to praise the show for its excellent artistic quality that made her fall in love with it.

“Really, many of the tribute shows done about my brother are almost all alike. However, this one is really different.  I had a lot of fun during the show. It brings back many memories of when each song was recorded or composed. I remember once my brother had to leave but did not know what to wear and asked me to go to the closet and pick anything. I picked the jacket, the white socks and it ended up becoming the over of the album .

I have all those memories that came back to me during the show, some sad, other happy moments. I am very thankful the wonderful work the producer Carlos Lopez has done.  This is the only Tribute show of my brother that I am endorsing and will be promoting it all around the world.

La Toya will be presenting this  show globally, attending premieres of the show as it debuts in the various countries around the world. ” I look forward to seeing many of you at the premiere in your individual countries”.

La Toya presents  “Forever”

LaToya Presents:

Forver by Summum Music. Vist website for tour schedule at  Forever

My Brother Michael, was the greatest Entertainer that ever lived !

La Toya Jackson 


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