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Kinderlachen Gala 2018

La Toya Jackson attended the Kinderlachen Gala 2018 in Dortmund Germany, receiving the International “Child Award” on behalf of her late brother Michael Jackson.  He was being honored for his fight against poverty through the “USA for Africa” project.

Together with many other Germany stars including Franz “Kaiser” Beckenbauer, Music duo Marianne & Michael Gründer, they raised over half a million Euros during the Gala for children.

USA For Africa

La Toya took to the stage to thank the guests in attendance and the millions watching over Television and live streaming for recognizing the dedication her late brother gave to helping children all around the world. Providing memorabilia which was auctioned during the evening she was pleased to see the total amount raised cross the half a million mark.

La Toya the day earlier visited the children’s hospital “Klinikum Dortmund”, together with Christian Vossler to attend to the sick children. She provided gifts and well wishes bringing a smile to the many faces.

La Toya took time out to thank the wonderful nurses and staff of the children’s hospital for the great service they continue to provide, day in day out. .

Showing her dedication to Kinderlachen she attended the Comic Con Dortmund event during the weekend, with proceeds raised paid out directly to Kinderlachen e.V. “Doing Comic Con, which had over 50,000 visitors helps not only shine the spotlight on the great work the “Kinderlachen Organization is doing, helping spread their message across Germany, but at the same time helped bring in much needed funds for the organization. I am proud of the assistance I was able to provide.”

Kinderlachen is charity organization founded in 2002 (Kinderlachen e.V) to assist and aid sick and and very handicapped children. Kinderlachen’s main focus is in Germany and has since its foundation been able to achieve great results with children between the ages of 0 to 17. The headquarters of kinderlachen (Kinderlachen e.V.) is Dortmund Germany.

Visiting children’s hospitals around the world is one of my all time favorite things to do. Nothing gives me more joy than bringing a smile to these sweet, innocent children full of nothing but love!

La Toya Jackson

La toya expressed her joy at seeing how a tiny gesture on her part created this magical smile full of excitement and wonder in the kids. Through these little gestures she felt the spirit of giving and caring her brother cherished continues to live on.

It gives me great joy to shine the spotlight on great causes that can help alleviate the pain and suffering of children. My. brother Michael dedicated his life to this and I am honored that his efforts good deeds are being recognized all over the world.

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