Match Game

Los Angeles – La Toya appeared  last night on the ABC’s Match Game along with other celebrity panelists that included Joel McHale (Comedian and actor), Jane Krakowski (Town ward winner 30 Rock), Finesse Mitchell (Saturday Night Live, “The Spirit Told me to tell you”), Caroline Rhea (Sabrina, the Teenage witch, “Caroline & Friends”, “Sydney to the Max”), Jason Biggs (“American Pie”, Orange is the New Black).

Joining the celebrity panelists are contestants Heather Browand (hometown: Staten Island, New York), Jonathan Tucci (hometown: Sun Valley, California), Marcus Mosely (hometown: Moorestown, New Jersey) and Rebecca Walden (hometown: Atlanta, Georgia).

Executive producers for the show include Alec Baldwin, Fremantle’s Jennifer Mullin, Scott St. John and Mallory Schwartz.

Match Game:

Latoya is a natural on TV.    Appearing on the 4th episode of Match Game on ABC.    She was a contestant on   The Celebrity Apprentice   (Season 4) and starred in her own reality show  Life with La Toya   on Oprah Winfrey’s Network (OWN), which aired for two seasons (2013-2014). Jackson has also served as judges on   RuPaul’s Drag Race    and   America’s Next Top Model.   

Appearing on the 4th episode of Match game on ABC she provided great excitement .  As usual, contestants give their responses to Alec’s fill-in-the-blank questions, and then have to try to match the panelists’ responses. In tonight’s episode, La Toya Jackson shocks the audience with her raunchy response to one question about sorority girls, while a contestant shocks the panel by intimating something negative about fans of a certain sport.

Be in the moment. It is the only moment that matters!

La Toya Jackson


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