La Toya Presents “Forever” in Mexico

La Toya in Mexico

La Toya  was in Mexico promoting the show "Forever" about  her brother Michael Jackson. The  Show About The King of Pop "   will premiere next March at the Cultural Center 1.    La Toya made it a point to stress that she was in mexico to honor and keep the legacy of her dear brother burning bright.

"It's a pleasure to present this show in Mexico, there will be 14 performances in total, but I do not know if I'll be able to be in all of them.  It's a great show, it lasts more than two hours, it's like a roller coaster, it takes you everywhere, it goes up ... in fact I've cried a lot at times because the themes bring back a lot of memories, "

The Show has traveled a lot. The concept was born in Spain but has been growing and changing. The music is totally live, there are 25 dancers on stage, and only one Michael Jackson impersonator, who comes out during different segments of the show.

The show is expanding globally with the dates in Europe and America.   Michael wanted humanity to remember him with his music and that is why I am helping take his legacy to all corners of the globe. 


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