Dancing in Jaffa

La Toya executive produced the movie Documentary, Dancing in Jaffa  Talking about it in the latest issue of the Total Prestige magazine she elaborates on her feelings of this incredible documentary:

"I liked the concept of bringing unity, peace and love to the world through the power of the art of dance, starting with children."

This documentary was done in Israel and featured Palestinian Jews and Israeli Jewish kids dancing as partners.
We are taught prejudice by society at a young age. Through this documentary you can see first-hand the magic power of dance and music.

Children who society had groomed to be lifetime enemies were paired as dancing partners. Through the art of dance the parents began getting along as they wanted their children to win the competition. The hate, prejudice,
ill-conceived notions, idiosyncratic ideals, anger, insults, was all put aside, and all that was left was this unity created through the art of dance.

I was so proud of the 7 awards we won with that Documentary. "

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