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10 Questions with La Toya

Except of La Toya's Interview

Taking the following questions from Bernard Pivot's series "Bouillon de Culture" the following questions were paused to La Toya.
What is your favorite word ?
What is your least favorite word ?
What turns you on ?
What turns you off ?
What animal comes to your mind when you think of this world ?
A Beast
What is your favorite curse word ?
Don't have one
What sound or noise do you love ?
The Sound of the ocean waves crashing
against the shores, commingled with the 
sound of laughter and joy
What sound or noise do you hate ?
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt ?
Interior decorating | Clothing designer
What profession would you not like to do ?
Sewer Cleaner
If heave exists, what would you like to hear God say 
when you arrive at the pearly Gates ?
Under the turbulent circumstances, 
I'm proud to say you did the best you could. 
Now welcome home where you belong!

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