Armed and Famous

TV reality series on CBS featuring La Toya Jackson in which five celebrities are trained to become real crime fighters.The cast first completes police academy training and then becomes part of the Muncie, Indiana police force as reserve officers.Their actions sometimes cause controversy in the community.

Offering herself up for scrutiny, "recording artist and author" La Toya Jackson sashays through fog and cruiser lights, her black uniform bulky but weirdly sexy too, her black headband recalling her aerobics instructing days. After a couple of old cheesecakey La Toya shots, a cowboy-hatted La Toya speaks: "All my life, I've wanted to do two things. I've wanted to work at McDonalds and I've always wanted to be a police officer."

Titled "Never Thought I'd Get Handcuffed by a Jackson," the first episode of Armed & Famous is suitably campy and sentimental, granting its celebreality stars some all-important opportunities to surprise the rest of us: they're not-bad cadets.



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